Dryer Repair

The smell of wet, musty clothing that has been sitting in a lumpy heap in the washing machine for too long is unpleasant. No one wants musty clothing. When a clothes dryer breaks down, you want it fixed as soon as possible.

When a dryer needs to be fixed or replaced, there are a variety of symptoms it can be showing, most of them are obvious. Common problems include your dryer not drying clothing, not getting hot during the cycle, not starting, clothing coming out of the dryer still wet or damp, or clothing becoming damaged in the dryer. Loud noises and excessive shaking can also be indicators that something is not quite right. A lot of issues that your drying can display can be signs of larger issues, so it is best to callĀ an appliance repair service for dryer repair in White Rock.

Even if the issues seem to be extreme, such as loud noises, shaking, and damaged or wet clothes, dryers typically need to only be repaired, not replaced. However, if your dryer is an older model, replacing it with a newer, more energy efficient one might be a good idea for your electricity bill. Luckily, dryer repairs are less expensive than replacing and installing a new appliance.

Before calling a repair service, check to make sure that your dryer is properly plugged in. If the plug has gotten loose, it could be or be part of the cause of the problem. If you know where to find it, checking the circuit breaker can also determine what is wrong. If the dryer is properly plugged in, a breaker might have been tripped.

If the dryer door is jammed, it can prevent the dryer from starting. When the door is fully shut, the dryer should start, and when the door is opened, the dryer should stop. To test if there is a problem with the door, open the door to the dryer and press the door switch lever. If the light inside the dryer does not turn off, there is probably something wrong with the door switch.

If the dryer drum does not turn, clothing will not try. There could be something wrong with the bearings or dryer belt. If the dryer does not turn when you try to turn it, the belt or bearing might need to be replaced. If the dryer motor is running but the dryer is not turning, the belt could be broken. Replacing old and worn dryer belts are a good way to keep your dryer lasting longer. Even if the belt is only worn and not fully broken, it may be a good idea to get the belt fixed as part of dryer repair in White Rock.

In order to maintain your dryer, always empty the lint trap after every load, even if it is not full. A build-up of lint can cause a problem in the dryer and is also a fire hazard. The lint trap, which is a screen in a frame, is easy to take in and out of the front of the dryer. This prevents the dryer vent hose from being blocked. If the dryer vent is blocked, the dryer will have to work harder to get enough warm air circulating inside the dryer. This can overload the engine, and cause the dryer to stop working. Removing lint every time will also save money on the power bill, because the dryer air vent has to do less work. Anytime pressure is taken off of a machine, the machine lasts longer.

Having a broken dryer is not ideal, however, if your dryer is broken, it is important that you get dryer repair in White Rock as soon as possible.