Steam Dryer Repair

Steam Dryers, a contradiction? No!  Fancy? Yes, and well worth consideration. Why? Read on to discover the positive delights of owning a steam dryer!

Here are several unique reasons why steam dryers are a great modern update to previous dryer types and technologies.

Wrinkle Reduction

An eternal concern of caring for clothing is wrinkles and their eradication. Well, technology is fighting back against that, and steam offers a unique ability to reduce wrinkling during drying by emitting puffs intermittently during the process. This penetrates clothes better than traditional air drying, softening them with occasional slight, brief dampness while drying, evening out the drying process. Steam can also save you time off ironing, with a de-wrinkling ability of some shorter cycles intended to reduce wrinkles by briefly throwing in already cleaned clothes.

Moisture Sensor

Steam dryers, being generally a little higher end, often come equipped with a moisture sensor (or ‘Sensor Dry’) which further contributes to the overall satisfaction often noted by users who invest in generally better-quality appliances, like steam dryers. A moisture sensor allows the dryer to detect when your laundry is finished drying, to a predetermined, desired level of dryness on the user interface, selected with each use. This also helps reduce wasted energy, and therefore money and time. When looking at steam dryers, check if it has a moisture sensor.

Energy and Cost Efficiency

Energy is preserved in multiple ways with steam technology, and this is beneficial for both your pocket and the planet, not to mention your local power plant emissions too. Steam dryers tend to have bigger tubs, which allow for larger loads, reducing total loads needed. However, it should be noted that the main drawback for steam dryers is a higher up-front cost compared to other dryer types, due to steam dryers containing more advanced and costly technology and features.

Stronger Cleaning and Deodorizing Ability

You likely have had the experience of accidentally leaving your washed clothes in the washer a little too long, letting the surviving bacteria take hold, giving your clothing an odor again! You’re then left having to put it through a wash cycle again, using up more detergent, with varying success. Well, with the addition of higher temperature steaming in a dryer, this water-based sanitization can be accomplished instead within the drying cycle. Or, in the case of having washed properly, steam can catch further bacteria which sometimes survives washing, such as when you decide to do a quick wash option for perhaps too big or long-sitting a load.

Steam is able to reach a higher temperature than water is able to reach, and the bacteria-killing ability of heat is a function of heat’s temperature level and time applied. Steam’s efficiency in both these regards allows for additional bacteria reduction, and thus odour reduction and prevention, in all sorts of clothing, delicates included. The steam is able to penetrate clothes better, which is a primary obstacle presented when trying to thoroughly sanitize different articles of clothing, linens, or other objects. Steam also helps with eliminating pollen — very valuable for those who hae hay fever/seasonal allergies — and dust mites.

Longer Lifespan and Effectiveness, Less Wear and Tear and Breakdowns

Due to typically larger tubs in steam dryers enabling fewer loads and less overall use, especially if there is a moisture sensor, a resulting increased efficiency of steam dryers will result in longer lifespan and durability. With less need for steam dryer repair over time, remaining well-functioning and effective longer than other dryer types, this is a worthwhile factor to consider when thinking in terms of long-term investment.

Steam Dryer Repair in Vancouver

 Of course, as with any machine, sometimes things can fall out of place. If you find there is anything off about your steam dryer — such as, for example, the sensor seems to be losing its precision, or there’s some strange, new noises originating from it (the bad kind of hubbub) — and you are considering searching for some expert consultation, then click here, call or email Liberty Appliance Services (, 604-813-6382) for advice and a free quote on a potential steam dryer repair in Vancouver.