Dryer Repair

If you have the budget, pretty much any appliance with features that makes your life easier is worth the money. Who wouldn’t want to spend less time doing laundry and more time doing anything else? However, for those on the fence about investing in a steam dryer or saving money with a conventional dryer, here are a few things to consider that may tip the scales.

Why are Steam Dryers Becoming So Popular?

If you have been appliance shopping recently, you have no doubt been introduced to the steam dryer. This type of dryer has become a fixture in appliance stores, with several major brands offering steam dry models ranging from budget-friendly to ultra-luxury.

So, what’s all the fuss about? A steam dryer introduces steam during the dry cycle by either emitting a mist or spraying water into the dryer drum. Combined with higher drying temperatures, this steam provides several benefits, including:

  • Eliminating odours
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Sanitizing laundry

The ability to remove odours from clothing is one of the most significant benefits of a steam dryer. Not only does your laundry come out smelling fresher without having to use dryer sheets or other laundry additives, but you can quickly toss in your favourite t-shirt and wear it again without having to wash it.

While the heat from a conventional dryer is enough to get your clothes dry, steam from a steam dryer is better able to penetrate deep into the fibres of the fabric, killing any odour-causing bacteria and sanitizing your laundry.

For a quick fix, odour and bacteria blasting steam can be used to freshen and remove wrinkles from not-quite-ready to be cleaned clothes, dry clean only items, and things like throw blankets and stuffed animals.

It’s important to note that steam dryers and conventional dryers operate in the same manner other than the steam function. If your dryer isn’t producing steam, you’ll need steam dryer repair to gain from any of these benefits; otherwise, you’ll be left with a very expensive basic dryer.

Steam Dryers are More Expensive But…

Up front, a steam dryer can be close to twice the price of a basic conventional dryer, but as you increase optional features to your standard dryer, that gap can narrow significantly.

Steam dryers do provide owners with several cost benefits. With the steam cycle, you can freshen clothes and re-wear instead of washing them, which translates into fewer loads of laundry. Some dry-clean-only items can also be cleaned using the steam function, which is another significant cost savings.

However, despite the benefits, these machines may not be right for every family, especially when the higher purchase price is factored in. Before you buy, consider your needs, and evaluate whether the additional features are worth the additional cost. Busy families with messy kids may appreciate the steam cycle, particularly where smelly sports equipment is concerned. But someone only interested in the wrinkle function may be disappointed to discover that while causal items may come out ready to wear, dress shirts and pants will still need to be ironed.

Individuals considering a steam dryer should also note that most brands require a water connection, although some include a water reservoir. This probably isn’t an issue for appliances installed in a laundry room but should be double-checked with a plumber.

In terms of quality, the reliability of steam dryers is comparable to traditional dryers. But with the added features comes the increased potential of needing steam dryer repair, especially if the steam function is not working.