Washer and Dryer Repair

If you are a landlord in Surrey, you have a big responsibility to the people who pay rent to live in the building you manage. You need to make sure that they feel safe, that they have privacy and that any reasonable complaints are taken care of in a speedy and diligent manner. If your building has washing machines for them to use, you need to stay on top of washer repair in Surrey. Apartment building washers get used almost around the clock. This means the chances of one breaking are much higher than if it was just a single-family washer.


The first thing you will want to do is prevent the need for the washer repair in Surrey. Make sure that every new tenant is made aware of the best way to use the machines to keep them working well for a very long time. It is also a good idea to post an instructions poster somewhere in the laundry room for new and old tenants alike to be reminded about the proper use of the communal washing machines. The people you have living in your building are not the kind of people to wilfully break washing machines. When these machines start to malfunction, it is usually due to overuse and not misuse.

Warning Signs:

Along with a poster explaining proper use of the washer, it is also a good idea to have a sign that shows what the early warnings are for a possible broken washer. Make it clear that if any tenant notices any machine acting a little strange, that they should contact you immediately. The signs can include excessive shaking, bad smells after use, or even sopping wet clothes even after the spin cycle. By making it clear that everyone has a responsibility for letting you know about any problems, you can build trust with your tenants.

Quick Response:

If it happens that someone makes you aware of a problem, the best thing to do is to follow up as soon as possible. The quicker you handle the problem, the less likely it is to get worse and the more impressive it is to your tenants. This is why it is key to know who you will call when it is time for the washer repair in Surrey.

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