Stove Repairs

Electric stove not working the way it’s meant to? It must be time to call for electric stove repair, right? Not so fast. Before you call for help from the pros, try reviewing this electric stove repair guide and see if you can resolve the problem on your own.

Problem 1: Electric stove won’t turn on

If your electric stove doesn’t turn on, you know you have a problem. However, the solution may be much more straightforward than you think. Your stove might not be turning on because it’s not getting any power. First, check to make sure the appliance is plugged in. If that’s not the problem, the issue could be with the outlet, or something may have caused the circuit breaker to trip.

After you’ve verified both the outlet and the circuit breaker and your stove still won’t turn on, the problem is probably with the appliance itself, and it’s time to call for an electric stove repair technician.

Problem 2: Coils aren’t heating up

The stove is on. Check. But the coils still aren’t heating up? The issue probably lies somewhere between the coil and the connection. First, check to ensure that the coils are plugged in correctly and that nothing is stuck between the coil element and the stove.

Otherwise, another reason your burners aren’t heating up could be a problem with the internal ignition switch. The ignition switch is responsible for activating the heat to the burners; if it’s broken or damaged, your coils won’t heat. Repairing or replacing the ignition switch is an involved job best left to a professional.

Problem 3: Sparks are flying when turned on

Unlike a gas range, an electric cooktop should never spark when it’s being lit. Excessive temperatures or too much weight can damage the heating element resulting in dangerous sparks.

And unfortunately, there is no DIY fix for this type of problem. If your electric stove is sparking, you need professional appliance repair.

Problem 4: Indicator light isn’t activating

Your indicator light is an important little safety feature that lets you know when your electric stove is on, or burners are still hot. If your indicator light isn’t switching on when your coils are lit, it could be a burnt-out bulb or possibly a defective control switch.

Thankfully, both these components are easy to replace, but you’ll need professional help to do it.

Problem 5: Can’t adjust burner temperature

If your electric stove only has two settings – on or off – with no control over the temperature, then you have a problem. The issue could be with either the switch that regulates power levels or a malfunctioning internal ignition switch.

An infinite switch is connected to the knobs on your stove and allows you to control the temperature, and we’ve already covered the internal ignition switch. Both can be repaired, but once again, you’ll need to call for an appliance repair technician to help.

Problem 6: Damaged coils

If your coils are moving around when you place something on top, the problem could be as simple as a poor fit with the tray underneath. If you’ve recently cleaned your coils or replaced the metal tray, just make sure all the pieces were put back correctly.

Over time, it’s also possible that your coils have become damaged. If your coils are blistering, bubbling, or cracking, there is no way to repair them, but replacing them is fairly inexpensive. Just make sure that you buy the right model for your electric stove and that you install them properly.

If you’ve exhausted all possibilities in this electric stove repair guide and are in need of eclectic stove repair, contact Liberty Home Appliance today for honest service and competitive rates.