Steam Dryer Repair

Steam dryer repair in Surrey can be touch and go. Because steam dryers are recent technology, many people do not understand how they work, and therefore how to repair them. A steam dryer is a clothing dryer that has a steam drying option. This option removes wrinkles and static like a traditional garment steamer. Steam dryers also have the more traditional and familiar tumble dry cycles such as delicate, permanent press and bulky load.

Like a conventional dryer, a steam dryer uses hot air to dry clothing. A steam cycle can be used which uses hot moist air. While conventional dryers have various settings for different fabrics, steam dryers instead have the steam option which helps reduce wrinkles in all types of clothing materials.

Steam dryers are also a great option for apartments and other small and tight areas as they can be connected to a water source and do not need a vent which can take up a lot of closet space. While steam dryers cost more upfront, they are environmentally friendlier, as they save water and energy and can be used without dryer sheets to reduce static. Steam dryers can also be used to refresh clothing without washing.

Just like the conventional dryers, sometimes steam dryer repairs are also needed. Generally, common signs for steam dryer repair don’t tend to share symptoms. If you hear unsettling noises or smell something funky, you do not need to wait for further damage to incur. Call for stream dryer repair as soon as your steam dryer starts acting up or working weirdly.

Common signs that your steam dryer is in need of a repair include:

  • hearing weird or uncommon noises such as banging, popping, squealing, or grinding
  • dryer not getting as hot as it should
  • the dryer drum not turning
  • dryer stopping mid-cycle
  • clothing still being wet or damp at the end of a full cycle run

Banging or popping noises can potentially indicate a belt issue, meaning the dryer belt is worn but not broken. The drum becoming loose causes it to move around and thus make a banging noise. Squealing or grinding sounds can be caused by issues regarding motor bearings. If you hear squealing or grinding steam dryer repair needs to be done professionally and quickly. This issue will lead to your dryer completely breaking down if it is not handled in a timely manner.

A dryer stopping midcycle could be an electrical issue. It is important to make sure that your dryer is fully plugged in, as a loose plug can make your dryer not work as well as it should and can cause problems to your machine and clothing.

Steam dryer repair should be done by professionals with experience in repairing such appliances. When looking for a repair service, look for companies with experience with the dryer’s brand and model. Steam dryer repair is often like conventional dryer repair.

While steam dryers have a long list of pros, the only notable con being that they are more expensive upfront. The fact that they can take up less space and are a more sustainable option makes them a very attractive appliance to own. While steam dryers are more expensive upfront, the cost of a steam dryer, and the occasional steam dryer repair bill are worth it to many. If you use dry cleaning services frequently, a steam dryer can eliminate the need, making them an even more affordable option long-term.

Luckily, steam dryer repair can be handled by most appliance repair services in Surrey who service your dryer’s brand. This is due to the fact that steam dryers are becoming increasingly more popular and are being manufactured by some of the most common home appliance manufacturers.