Appliance Repair

At Liberty Appliance Repair, we pride ourselves in providing top quality appliances repair in Surrey. When you have appliances that are broken, don’t discard them immediately and consider buying a new one. When you hire the right company for appliances repair in Surrey, then you can expect to have your appliances in working order again in no time at all, often seeming as good as new. Today, we are going to let you know why Liberty Appliance Repair is the right choice for your broken appliances.

We Fix All Common Appliances

Whether it is your washing machine or your dishwasher, at Liberty Appliance Repair, we can carry out all kinds of appliances repair in Surrey. Along with this, we work with all of the well-known brands that people commonly purchase their household appliances from, such as Maytag, KitchenAid, LG, and Bosch. This is just a shortlist, it is likely that whatever make your broken appliance is, we are familiar with it and can help fix it.

We Service The Lower Mainland

We are well known in the Lower Mainland area, as we service the major cities and other areas, such as Surrey, White Rock, Delta, and Langley. We have team members ready and waiting to visit your residential home or business in the area. We keep our vans stocked with plenty of parts as well, so often only one visit is needed for appliances repair in Surrey or other areas of the lower mainland.

We Are Very Experienced And Highly Qualified

We have been doing appliances repair in Surrey and the surrounding areas for over a decade. Our team is very skilled in all areas of appliances repair. Naturally, we have all of the relevant qualifications needed to work in this field, such as a Gas Ticket and Red Seal qualifications. Our many years of working in this industry mean that we have a lot of happy customers and you can find some of their testimonials on our website.

Keep our number on hand for the next time one of your appliances breaks down and you need appliances to repair in Surrey, White Rock, Delta, or Langley. We will happily send a technician out to inspect your broken appliance and identify the issue, with the hope of fully repairing it. Don’t discard an appliance as soon as it stops working, call in for appliances repair from Liberty instead.