Washing Machine Repair

So, you’re about to throw in a load of laundry, but your washing machine won’t turn on.

Appliance breakdowns are a fact of life, it’s unpleasant, but sometimes, appliance malfunctions can’t be avoided, even with proper care and regular maintenance. No one wants to spend more on repairing broken appliances than they have to. Here are five tips that can help you save money on washing machine service.

Wait for Regular Business Hours

Unless there is an emergency requiring an urgent visit, save your washing machine service call for regular weekday business hours. While most appliance service technicians will make themselves available seven days a week, the hourly rate for an emergency Sunday visit is often significantly more than the standard weekday rate.

If there is a situation like running water that needs immediate attention outside of regular hours, call a washing machine service company. They may be able to talk you through turning off the water to the machine and schedule you for a service appointment for the next business day.

Call Around for a Few Quotes

If you have the time, you can potentially save a little money on your washing machine repair service call by calling a few companies for service quotes before scheduling an appointment.

While it’s unrealistic to expect a repair technician to be able to provide an accurate quote over the phone, you can ask about their hourly rate and whether the cost of the diagnostic can be deducted from the total repair bill.

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Have Important Details Ready

When making your washing machine service appointment, be sure to give the technician as many details as possible, including a description of the problem, and the make, model number, and year of your machine.

The more information that a service technician has before arriving, the better able they are to prepare for the repair, saving you time and money.

Prepare Your Washing Machine for the Visit

When your washing machine service technician arrives to repair your machine, they will need free access to the unit. If your washing machine is full of wet clothes, it will be tough for the technician to move the machine and access the areas they need.

Service calls are generally paid by the hour, so save time (and money) by ensuring your machine is empty and assessable to the repair technician.

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Double Check Your Warranty

While a standard appliance warranty generally covers an appliance for a year, some appliance manufacturers may offer extended warranties covering certain parts of your washing machine for an extended period, sometimes up to three years.

Before you call an appliance repair technician, double-check the fine print of your appliance warranty; if you are unsure, there should be a toll-free number you can call to verify the status of your unit. Just make sure you have the serial number handy before you call.

Keep an Appliance History

If you have had previous service calls related to your washing machine, you can save time by providing your repair technician with a complete repair history. This includes any major or minor repairs and any maintenance that has been performed.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Taking steps to prevent the need for a washing machine service call is the best way to save money on repairs.

To keep your washing machine in tip-top shape, make sure you:

  • Use only the recommended amount of detergent
  • Regularly run a clean cycle
  • Empty pockets before washing
  • Don’t overload your washing machine
  • Take bulky items to the dry cleaner

If you ever need washing machine service, make Liberty Appliance your first call. Our super reliable technicians are always on-call and ready to help!