Appliance Repair

Having a major appliance break down isn’t on anyone’s to do list, and with labour and parts, major appliances repair in Vancouver is more than just a nuisance, it can also be a major expense. However, when the worst case happens, there are a few things you can do to help save money on appliance repair in Vancouver – simply follow these pro tips:

Make Sure It’s Actually Broken

This may seem like an obvious step, however in a panic, homeowners often neglect the simplest explanation for an appliance break down. Check to make sure the appliance is properly plugged in, and that the circuit hasn’t been tripped. Diagnosing something simple like a lose plug can save you the cost of a repair call.

Give the Repair Tech Information to Work With

Many repair calls are charged by the hour, so having all the relevant information ready prior to your visit can help speed things along and reduce costs. Unless the issue is clearly visible, like a leaking washing machine, take note of sounds or symptoms that you have noticed, and recent changes such as a relocation or move, as well as previous issues and repairs. Have the make and model number handy before making your repair appointment; this information, combined with a description of the problem you are having, can help ensure that the repair tech has the right parts on hand, potentially avoiding the need for a second visit.

Double Check Your Warranty Information

Some appliances come with both a store warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty, and in some cases, you may also have an extended warranty. Before your appointment, make sure you have verified your warranty coverage; if the problem is still covered you may avoid having to pay for the repair, or at least the parts.

Make the Appliance as Accessible as Possible

If your fridge is not working, don’t worry about emptying it, however make room for the technician to work so they don’t need to spend time moving things around to reach circuit panels and vents. Similarly, if your washer broke mid-cycle, try to remove wet clothes and as much water as possible, some repairs will require the tech to access the bottom of the machine, which can be extremely difficult if the appliance is full.

Keep the space around the appliance free from clutter, and if you have pets or small children, try to keep them away from the technician while they are working.

The Lowest Quote isn’t always the Best Price

Before falling into the trap of selecting the appliances repair with the lowest quoted price, make sure to take note of what that price actually includes. Is there a service fee in addition to the repair costs? Will there be an extra charge for emergency or same day appointments? A comprehensive quote from a reputable company can save you from a nasty surprise when the final bill comes.