Oven Repairs

Whenever your oven breaks, it is never at a good time. Really, there is no good time when it comes to your oven or stovetop breaking, as they are some of the most used appliances in a home.

When your oven breaks, you want it fixed immediately and affordably. Having an oven that needs to be repaired is a significant inconvenience, especially if you use your oven to make most of your meals.

There are many issues that can cause your oven to need repairing, which can leave you with the struggle and stress of trying to cook dinner with an alternative method. Common reasons why you need oven repairs done include your oven taking a very long time to fully heat up, your oven does not turn on or heat up at all, or you smell gas when using your oven.

Depending on what kind of stove you have, gas, range, or electric, your repair could be simply troublesome, or it can be dangerous. The most common reason why you may smell gas from your oven while it is preheating is due to burnt odorant, which may smell either like gas or gas ignitor. The odorant is an additive that is mixed with both propane and natural gas. Without this added odorant, neither of these gases would have a smell, which makes them extremely dangerous if a gas leak occurs.

It is often normal to smell gas when your oven is heating up. If you oven is lighting correctly, and everything is normal with its functions, you do not need to worry.

However, if you keep smelling rotten eggs, this means that you are smelling unburned gas.

If you smell a strong odor of gas from your oven when you are not using it, turn off the power to your oven immediately and open as many windows and doors in your home as possible. Extinguish any open flames, and go outside and call your gas company.

Often, the igniter in your oven can get covered in food and grease particles, which can impact the function of the igniter. This is why it is important to clean your oven regularly, at least once a year.

Not all oven repairs are complicated or dangerous. Most are minor problems that involve little technical or mechanical knowledge. Checking your controls and oven settings, ensuring that your stovetop burners do not need adjusting and that for electric stoves the prongs are attached, and that nothing is blocked or covered in an excess layer of grease or food.

If you do not feel comfortable, or you have tried to repair your oven yourself and it has not worked, calling a reliable repair company is the best option.

Often, the problem is fixable in a single visit, depending on whether the oven repair requires parts that the repair professional has on hand or in their service van. More technical issues, such as touch pad issues for newer electric ovens, may require a replacement touchpad of your oven’s brand and model, which will need to be ordered.

If you are seeking quality service, ensure that your oven repair technician is properly certified,  so that you know they are properly educated in how to repair appliances safely and properly. A gas ticket is needed for any qualified professional to work on gas operated appliances safely, and red seal qualified technicians are required to have a minimum of 7200 hours of work in the appliance repair service field, which is the requirement by the industry training authority in British Columbia.

While needing oven repairs can be inconvenient and annoying, ruling out any minor issues, and using trained professionals, are in your best interest to avoid any damages, accidents, or more expensive and severe repairs down the road.

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