Refrigerator Repair

When the refrigerator stops working, it is understandable to get stressed and panicky. Food will quickly spoil if you do not call a professional appliance repair service. The expense of repairing your fridge aside, replacing a full fridge of food is costly.

Refrigerator repair in North Delta needs to happen as soon as possible, in order to save your food, your money, and your time. Common problems that result in needing refrigerator repair include if your fridge is not cold enough, if it is not working at all, there is a lot of condensation inside the fridge or freezer, your freezer is icing or frosting over, the thermostat control inside your fridge is not working, or if your fridge or freezer door is not sealing properly.

If you have a separate freezer or fridge, transfer your food to that working fridge. A large ice chest or cooler can also be a temporary solution, but food should not stay inside just a cooler for a long period of time, especially meat, fish and dairy products, which can result in severe food poisoning.

If your fridge does not seem cold enough, check the temperature gauge first. They are typically located at the top of the fridge, and can sometimes get knocked accidentally. If there is no change, check the door of your fridge for leaks or cracks. Puddles of water on the floor or on the bottom of the fridge can also be indicators that there is a leak, or a hose connection has gotten loose. If you do not see any noticeable physical differences, calling for a refrigerator repair in North Delta is the quickest, safest option.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and sometimes your fridge might be dying instead of just being broken. If you notice your refrigerator making any uncommon noises such as clunky sounds, or buzzing louder than normal, be on the lookout for other signs. Sometimes ignoring the signs can lead to disaster, an unfixable fridge that is full of food.

If your refrigerator is making strange, or loud noises, the temperature is not staying consistent, or you are finding leaks inside, or under your fridge, it is time to call for a refrigerator repair professional in North Delta.

Depending on the age of your fridge, replacing may be more cost-effective than repairing it. A modern refrigerator ca last between 10-15 years. If your fridge has a lot of modern features such as a digital display and an ice maker, that expectancy can be lower. If your fridge is older, spending more money upfront now can be cheaper than having to pay for repairs every few months. Newer fridges are also generally more energy-efficient than older models, meaning that your power bill may be less.

A minor problem that occurs once, that is fast and easy to repair, is probably not cause for concern. Most units can be repaired and run for another 5-7 years without any more issues. However, if issues are happening repeatedly, this may be an indication that it is time to replace your refrigerator for a newer model.

Anytime a large appliance breaks down is a hassle, there is never a good time to be without your refrigerator. Being able to correctly note the signs that refrigerator repairs need to be done, or that it is time to replace your refrigerator, will cut down on unwanted stress and expenses.