Appliance Repair

Waking up to a major appliance crisis isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Why is it that your fridge always seems to go on the fritz the day after a Costco run? No one knows, however when you need home appliances repair in Maple Ridge, there are a few steps you can take to make the whole process smoother for everyone.

Make Sure to Register your New Appliances

Those registration cards that you get when you purchase a new appliance? They are not just recycling material, they really are important. Make sure you register your appliance to take advantage of appliance warranties, and be kept in the loop for potential recalls.

Give Your Technician Space to Work

You love your kids, their toys, and your dog, and we do too. However, when your appliance repair technician comes in for an appointment, it’s helpful for everyone if they aren’t tripping over Lego and Fido, or trying to keep tiny hands away from tools while they are trying to work.

Clear Appliances if Possible

If your fridge isn’t running, the first step to help preserve as much cool air as possible is to keep the fridge closed as much as possible. However if your fridge is packed to the rafters, you may want to clean a path on the top shelf for your technician to be able to access key components. Likewise in the freezer. Washing machines are another example, those guys are pretty heavy, especially if they broke mid cycle and are full of heavy, wet clothes that make the technician’s job extra challenging. If possible, try to move wet laundry to the bathtub or shower.

As prepared as we are however, sometimes we need to order parts, and that can occasionally take a couple of days. When your fridge is out of commission, to help save as much of your food as possible, break out the old camping cooler, pick up a few bags of ice, and fill her up. If it’s good enough to last a few days in the forest, it will definitely work for a couple of days in your home.

Be Prepared

Our home appliance repair technicians are pretty awesome; however everyone could use a little help. Be prepared for your service call by being able to give a description of the problem, how long it’s been going on, and if you have had any other services recently performed (even better if you have an invoice for any other service, so we can read up on the details). For appliances still under warranty, you may also have to provide the date and proof of purchase or the receipt.