Home Appliances Repair

Your home is probably the largest investment you have ever made, and will likely ever make in your lifetime, and the appliances within that home represent a significant portion of that investment. Whether you have purchased top of the line, or chosen more economical appliances, the cost of replacement can be a devastating, unexpected expense for many families. An easy solution to ensure that your appliances stand the test of time is to properly care for them and to know when they may need servicing, before the problem becomes irreparable. Home appliance repair in Delta has got your back.

One of the largest expenses in a typical kitchen renovation is the appliance package. Whether you have purchased a top of the line gas range or an electric stove, you want to know that your appliance will continue to function well for many years to come. Liberty Appliance Repair’s technicians for home appliances repair in Delta are red seal certified, meaning they have recorded a minimum of 7,200 work in the appliance repair field, and are gas ticket holders, qualifying them to work with gas appliances with the highest level of safety and care. If your range is no longer functioning as it should be, it is important to contact a certified technician as soon as possible to resolve the situation. Liberty technicians are available for same day service calls and will provide you with a 2-hour service window so there is no waiting by the door all day.

As any family can attest to, both a functioning washer and dryer are imperative to a functioning household. Work shirts, soccer uniforms, or maybe a child’s favourite bedtime blanket;you rely on your laundry appliances to help you care for the ones you care for. If your washer isn’t washing, or your dryer is no longer drying, it is probably time to have a home appliances repair in Delta technician come take a look before a small problem turns into a costly replacement.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can significantly reduce your likelihood of needing repair services. Occasionally vacuuming dust from your refrigerator coils, cleaning out food and debris from your dishwasher and not overloading your washer and dryer can all help to keep your appliances in good working order. However, should your appliance need repair, trust in the services of a certified professional. Liberty appliance repair has been serving the Delta community for over 13 years, contact us today for your appliance repair and trust that we will take care of your appliances, so you can take care of the things that are important to you.