Appliance Repair

Broken appliances are stressful enough without the added worry of finding a trustworthy appliance repair technician. Will they get the job done, will they guarantee their work, will they charge a fair price? These are the kinds of questions we all ask ourselves whenever we need to hire a trade, and the answers are not always obvious.

When you find yourself in need of appliances repair in Mission, remember that you are in control. No matter how dire the situation may be, you are in control of who you choose to hire, even if the company has already visited your home. If it’s not a good fit, you are not obligated to use a service you are uncomfortable with.

We completely understand that being without a washer or oven can be a challenge for any family, so here are five questions you can ask an appliance repair company before you hire them for a job.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Depending on where you are searching for appliance repair, you may come across all sorts of ads for handypersons and freelance technicians. While these services may be less expensive than a properly licensed and insured company, you don’t know what you are getting. Should something go wrong, such as damage to your appliance or a workplace accident, you will be on the hook for damages.

If you have gas appliances, you will need to find an appliances repair company in Mission with gas ticket certified technicians.

What is Your Experience with This Brand of Appliance?

Most appliance repair technicians are licensed to work on any appliance brand. However, that is not the same as having experience with a particular brand, especially if you have higher-end appliances that may have unique features or hard to find replacement parts.

Red Seal appliances repair technicians must log a minimum of 7,200 hours of work in appliance repair to receive their qualification. If in doubt, ask your technician if they have their Red Seal certificate.

How Long Will the Repair Take?

When you need to prepare a meal or run a load of laundry, you do not want to hear that your appliance repair will take days to complete. Some appliances repair in Mission companies can offer same day or emergency appointments with flexible time slots to get your appliance working again as fast as possible.

It’s also worth asking how long it will take them to order parts if they need to. Some larger companies may keep frequently needed replacement parts in stock, or know where to get them fast, so you don’t have to suffer from long delays.

Do You Offer a Warranty on Parts and Labour?

The only thing worse than having an appliance repaired is having it break again shortly after. Ask an appliances repair company about their policy regarding parts and labour. At a minimum, you should look for someone who can offer 90 days on both.

How Much Will the Job Cost?

The biggest surprise in appliances repair often comes at the end – when it’s time to settle the bill. Don’t be caught off-guard; before you hire an appliance repair company, ask what the cost estimate for the work will be.

Many companies will offer free estimates, so if you feel the price is too high, you can get a second opinion. Just keep in mind that a quality repair may be worth the price.

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