Stove Repairs

An oven that varies by just a few degrees in either direction can have a huge effect on how it performs. Have you ever let your meal cook for just a few minutes longer than it was supposed to and burnt the entire dish in the process? If you have, you know how quickly heat can affect the quality of your meal.

If you have noticed some changes in the quality of the food you prepare in your oven, the problem might not be the recipe. Electric stove repair might be needed. Unlike a gas stove, an electric stove is heated via wires inside the cooker elements. The wires expand as they heat up and shrink as the oven cools down. Over time, this repeated expansion and shrinking can cause the oven to break down for no apparent reason.

To find out if your oven reading is accurate, follow these simple steps!

To get the most accurate reading, place the oven thermometer in the centre of your oven when it is off and cooled with the centre being in the middle of an oven rack that has been placed in the middle of the oven to equal distance from both the top and bottom burners.

Next, turn your oven on to a setting that is easy to read and will distribute even amounts of heat. Choosing the bake setting is the easiest. Make sure that you’re not making anything as the most accurate reading will come if the oven thermometer is the only thing in the oven. Keep the door closed until your oven indicates that it is at the correct temperature.

If your oven is working correctly, the temperature on the thermometer should match your oven’s displayed temperature exactly. Try to check the reading on the thermometer through the closed oven door by turning on the interior light. If you can’t open the door just open it enough to see the reading and try to read it as quickly as possible.

If your temperature is accurate, then unfortunately you need to adjust your cooking. This might mean using different types of dishes that conduct heat more effectively thereby reducing the number of times you open your oven door to check the meal or adjusting the size of your oven. If, however, your reading is inaccurate, it’s time to call in appliance repair.

Electric stove repair could require the thermostat to be recalibrated. Alternatively, if it’s a case of wire damage, then the element inside the oven may need to be replaced. An oven’s element is usually good for around 5 years, so if it’s been longer than that then the chances are it’s time to replace the element.

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