Appliance Repair

New appliances are a big-ticket item. Any opportunity to save money is worth considering. Sale items, floor models, or new appliances sell at a discount because they were dented, scratched, or damaged in some way. But what about used appliances?

Between popular marketplaces and used appliance stores, there is no shortage of places to pick up used appliances on the cheap but are they worth the risk?

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of buying used versus buying new.

Pro: Price

Undeniably, one of the most significant benefits of buying a used appliance is the price. A good condition used dishwasher, for example, will sell for a fraction of what it would cost to buy a similar model new.

There is also a lot more room to negotiate with people selling used appliances. People typically sell older appliances after replacing them with something else so they need to get rid of one unless they have room in their kitchen for two major appliances which is highly unlikely.

Con: Warranty

When you buy a new appliance, it comes with a manufacturer warranty and you can purchase an additional warranty extension. A new appliance will cost you a lot more but get some peace of mind knowing the warranty will cover it.

When you purchase a used appliance, you trust the seller that the condition is as advertised, if it’s not, there is very little you can do to recover your money or have the appliance repair service paid for.

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Pro: Appliance Inspection

While it might not be worth it to go through the expense of a $50 microwave if you are about to drop a significant amount of money on a pre-loved washing machine, consider arranging for an appliance repair technician to give the machine a once over.

You’ll probably have to pay for a full hour of appliance repair service but it might save you from buying a dud.

Con: Delivery

Unlike buying new where delivery and pick up of old appliances in usually included, chances are you will be responsible for your delivery when you buy used. The same goes for getting rid of your existing appliance. This might not be so bad if you can manage the transport on your own or with some help but it can get expensive when you have to hire outside movers.

Pro: Environmentally Friendly

As a society, we throw far too much away in the trash including our used appliances. Even though parts of certain appliances can be recycled thereby opting to buy used keep more garbage out of landfills and that’s something everyone can feel good about.

Con: Mis-Matched Sets

You might get lucky and find a great deal on a high-end used range, but it’s doubtful that you would be able to find the entire kitchen package for sale used. Yes, you can probably get everything in the same finish but the makes and models might be different.

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Tips on Buying Used

It pays to consider how much you are saving compared to how much you may need to invest in appliance repair services to maintain your new-to-you machine when deciding between new and used. These costs can depend on the appliance, however, most major appliances have a lifespan of 10-15 years. If you buy a four-year-old dryer, how much might you have to invest in keeping it running over the next ten years?

Once you’ve made your choice, there are a few things you can do to reduce the odds of purchasing a defective appliance. If you are buying from a private seller, try to see the appliance in action and ask why they are selling and observe how the rest of their home looks as it can be a strong indicator of how well the appliance in question was maintained. Bringing along an appliance repair technician were possible is also a wise move.